Getting started with WARM technology

Read this guide to get familiar with our workflow and Rich Media toolset.

  1. Introduction
  2. About Rich Media
  3. Online Previewer
  4. Weborama templates
  5. Creative workflow
  6. Flash components

Screenad technology

Here we explain how you can use the Screenad Interfaceto implement clicks and custom reporting events in your ad and much more.

  1. Screenad Interface 1.0.3 API
  2. Screenad Interface Video API
  3. Custom video controls
  4. About the Screenad Interface
  5. Implementing clicks
  6. Event tracking (for reporting)
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Building HTML5 ads

Everything you need to know about building ads with WARM technology.

  1. Using Adobe Animate CC
  2. Introduction to HTML5
  3. Using a text editor
  4. Using Google Web Designer
  5. Using Adobe Edge Animate CC
  6. HTML VPAID Template
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Working with the online Previewer

Read all about how you can use our previewer application to preview and showcase your ads.

  1. About the Previewer
  2. Account overview
  3. Setting up your flight
  4. Step 1: Uploading your files
  5. Step 2: Settings the Clicks
  6. Step 3: Edit the file roles
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Video tutorials

Watch our video tutorials and become a master in building HTML5 ads.

  1. Edge Animate Templates
  2. Plain HTML Templates


Lots of useful snippets for use with (mobile) ads.

  1. Introduction
  2. Action on Key Press
  3. Mobile feature detection
  4. Touch and Swipe Events
  5. HTML5 input types
  6. Store Locator
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Building Flash ads

Everything you need to know about building ads using Adobe Flash.

  1. Flash Component documentation
  2. Actionscript Interface API AS3 3.3

Tools and Downloads

  1. CDN hosted Libraries
  3. Tools