Online Previewer

The Weborama Previewer is an online tool that lets you test, preview, share and deliver your creations.

  1. Accessing the Previewer
  2. Account Overview
  3. Setting Up Your Flight
  4. Step 1: Uploading your files
  5. Step 2: Setting the clicks
  6. Step 3: Edit the file roles
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Screenad Technology

Our JavaScript library that provides functionalities in order to make building rich media easier.

  1. Introduction
  2. Using Screenad Clicks
  3. Tracking with Screenad Events
  4. Screenad Interface 1.0.3 API
  5. Screenad Interface Video API
  6. Custom Video Controls


In order to make and deliver ads for our platform there are some requirements that need to be met. These include using our templates and previewer tool as well as following specifications and testing them properly. Please check the following articles to ensure compatibility and avoid delays.

  1. Use our Templates and Previewer
  2. Use our Specsheets
  3. External Libraries
  4. Adapting Existing Creations

Advanced Formats & Features

In this section we provide some handy snippets and information on advanced formats and features.

  1. Introduction
  2. Video
  3. Interscroller Format
  4. Swiper / 3D Cube Format
  5. HTML VPAID Template
  6. Outstream Video Formats
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Weborama's solution for creating and maintaining simple banners

  1. Webo Studio overview
  2. Initial Setup and Login
  3. Company Management & User Management
  4. Projects and adsets
  5. Template and derived Adsets
  6. The adset manager - the basics
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GDPR Support

  1. Verwerkersovereenkomst AVG 2018 (NL)
  2. Privacy en Cookie Compliance Rich Media (NL)